Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2016 Independent Project

Description of my project :
I did my project on Conflict Minerals. Conflict Minerals are minerals that people in countries like Congo and neighboring countries are forced to dig up. I presented my project by using a Google Slide. My slide is above ^^^. The slide doesn't have anything on it except for topics on it because I made it in a half hour on my phone before I went to sleep. I already told you what conflict minerals are, where they come from, and how people get them. How you get hired is you get forced to. The work conditions are awful and you could end up dying or getting killed. Conflict minerals can be found in basically anything with gold, tungsten, tin, and tantalum in it, which can include watches, trophies, car parts, jewelry... What's being done is that when a company buys gold, tin, tantalum, or tungsten, they have to prove that where they bought them from doesn't have conflict minerals being mined there. If a company DID buy conflict minerals then they have to prove that they didn't know what they were buying.

What I liked about my project :
What I liked most about my project was the fact that not many people, including myself, know about conflict minerals and I liked showing everyone what I learned.

The hardest part of my project :
The hardest part of my project was probably getting up and presenting, I hate public speaking and my presentation got cut off by the bell, but once I started it got easier.

How I improved as a learner :
How I think  I improved as a learner is that I am a procrastinator and I think having deadlines helps me with that.

If I could do the whole thing over :
If I could do the whole thing over, I would probably change my slideshow and add pictures.

My suggestion :
My suggestion is to show an example of what the presentation is supposed to look like.

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